I offer a number of hosting plans that will fit all your needs. Payimg annually on any of the plans gives a discount on price plus offers free domain name registration. If you want to pay monthly that works also. The different data packages may seem confusing but with a short explination a decision on the best fit can be made. Some companies offer “unlimitted” everything. Unfortunately “unlimitted” doesn’t actually exist. Your storage space on these plans are anything but unlimitted. Your files just like any other website are saved on a server computer that has only a certain amount of space. The problem most servers run into is putting too many websites on one server. When all these websites are being viewed by others it slows down the flow of your own data out to you visitors. A properly built site doesn’t take up a lot of space nor should it require high data use to serve it to you visitors. My plans insure that the overloading of the server is never an issue, making all websites on it run as the were intended.