Design/Redesign starts with a branding image. If it is a redesign there will be crucial branding that you have already used that is comfortable and recognizable to your customer base. This branding needs to remain and used to style the rest of the website. With a new website we will need to establish the brand and come up with an image that will be remembered by your customers.

After the initial look of the website is established then we will work together to develop the content. I build most of my websites on a CMS framework (content management system). The most common are WordPress and Joomla but I have worked with many others. Most of them can be customized so that entering in new or changed content will be easy as sending an email eliminating the need to contact me to make small text or image modifications to the website. This will help you to grow your website without additional cost. Of course if you are not confident or just don’t have the time I do offer very modest rates for keeping your information current.